A Starting Point

I like going to my church, most of the time. For the most part, I like the people there. I enjoy what I have to bring to the worship and other things I do to contribute.

But it’s a small church with a very white attendance. And it’s in a very white area of my city. Come to think of it, I live in a fairly white area, too. Mostly. There are various kinds of Asians around, for instance. However, look on the train platform of the local railway station of a morning and it’s more than a bit homogenous. :-/

I am fortunate in getting to know a number of people in the last year or two from a rather strange collection of life. It happens to show that sometimes social circles are wrong, but there is no other way I would have encountered them. I’m fine with that, it has to be said, and it has been a springboard into a whole lot of other new friendships that I am beginning to seriously value. Unfortunately, it is showing my church friendships to be a bit, well, simple is perhaps the kindest word.

I don’t want to underestimate how much my church friends interact with their own non-church worlds. I’ve made that kind of mistake before. It does make me wonder how many church-goers treat the church fellowships as a kind of ‘retreat’ from the rest of the world.


I really wonder if it should be like that.

But (yeah, I’m full of “but” tonight) if I look carefully, I still see ordinary human beings living essentially ordinary lives. Even in a church setting. Sometimes I feel the church setting gets in the way, to be honest.

I’m waffling and I know it. I don’t know where I was going with this, so I’ll stop now.


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