Should I be enjoying my Bible Study?

As is typical for most mainstream, somewhat evangelical churches, I belong to a Bible Study group. We meet once a week, generally working our way through a published bible study and ask questions and come up with answers about the passage and what it is saying.

My church calls them “life groups”, which is a modern name of the old “home group”. I guess the idea is that in a life group you can share more and be more closely involved with people in your church than is really possible in a Sunday morning service.

It’s on tonight. But I’m thinking of not going, partly because my car is in bits, but also I was unwell this morning. Thats two excuses, even though others go when they’re unwell, and I could put my car back together. Or find another way there (it’s just four suburbs away and there’s a railway line).

However, I also don’t feel like going tonight, anyway. Being true to myself means not finding an excuse. I want to know these people better and they want to include me and so on. Just – not tonight.


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