How can we teach church-goers acceptance?

One thing I love about my writing group is just how much we accept everyone for who they are. I suspect this might have something to do with most us being reasonably introverted (which is an educated guess, I’ll admit) and finding a love of writing in common. Several members have quite literally blossomed within our group and we actively encourage each other to be genuine and real.

Not so in my church.

I had a fellow musician apologise the other day during practice because he really didn’t like the patch I’d chosen for a song and had to say so. Truth be told, I didn’t like it either, but I wouldn’t have discovered that if I hadn’t tried to use it. But it also sounded like he didn’t know how to say simply and honestly that the sound I was making just plain didn’t work. It was as though he was afraid of rejecting me, when he was really only criticising something I was doing.


A similar issue came up some months ago when I got a dissapproving interjection from a fellow church-goer about the background image on my mobile phone. I guess you could describe it as inappropriate for some people and arguably so in a church – but I didn’t need to hear that from him and didn’t want to hear from him. A similar encounter with one of my writers elicited no such response. As I would expect.

Now I know this could jar with the way Christians should be accountable to each other, however, sometimes such accountability just isn’t asked for. We just need acceptance for whatever fallen, broken excuse of a human we really are. That’s all.


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