I’ve been asked to prayer for someone.

This is accepted practice amongst Christians. Asking to prayer for things. The requests are usually for spiritual help in an upcoming challenge, basically. It is usually something significant and/or important or something like that.

I got a message a short while ago to pray for someone in my home group. They had just received a message that meant they were about to have a couple of very difficult days. This sort of praying is difficult for me. And yet for the first time in a long time, I don’t want to dismiss the request out of hand. The person in question deserves – no, has earnt a better response than that from me.

I’ve never gotten the hand of solo praying. It doesn’t feel … I dunno. It doesn’t feel like it would work. I think I kind of get the idea why people devolve into a specific style when praying, or at least they do when praying in groups. I’ve tried to resist that, but it would give them a “way” to pray when on their own.

I know my praying voice in a group is predicated on an audience. It’s a kind of writing where the editing is on-the-fly and only on-the-fly. But my solo writing voice is not spoken – it’s in this kind of context.

Time for a little experiment. Not to see if the prayer works – but to see if I can pray with this method.


Pray prayed. Yes, I deleted it. It’s prayed. It doesn’t need to stay here in this blog.


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