How does one change their beliefs?

One problem being raised in a Christian home by Christian parents and attending a Christian church all my life is that all I’ve ever really known about spirituality and beliefs are of Christian origin. That more-or-less means I’ve inherited my belief system off someone else.

So what does it take to change it? Lots of people do it – there are conversions to other faiths all the time, and even people forsaking any sort of faith.

Does it start with “Okay, this doesn’t sound right anymore”? Or does it start with “What else is there?”? Maybe it’s different for different people. I have heard athiests who were once Christian say that they left the church because it didn’t make sense. Was there a pivotal moment – a before and after, if you will? Or was there a slow fading.

What about more radical alternative? Switching from one monotheism to another, e.g. Christian to Islam, is not that hard. But our society as a whole doesn’t work under a pantheon of gods, so how does it go to switch to something more complex, like Wicca or Paganism?

How indeed?


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