Are You Okay?

It was “R U OK?” day the other day. Last Thursday, in fact.

The point of “R U OK?” day was to increase awareness of things like depression and battles with personal problems that often go unacknowledged and unrecognised. But what is (I believe) easily missed is that people who are not okay are the ones we need to be really aware of. I was tempted to tweet during the say the following: “What happens if R U OK is asked and the answer is ‘no…’ #askingforafriend” What prompted this was hearing the song Absolutely Everybody by Vanessa Amarosi playing in the local shopping centre. The central piece of that song is to remind listeners that we all need human love and human touch. Every single one of us. A friend and I started swapping songs on Twitter like that. Another is Permission To Shine by Bachelor Girl. This is about self-encouragement. A third I didn’t remember until today was Who Knows by Avril Lavigne. This is also about encouragement.

I guess I kind of really wasn’t OK on Thursday. I’m getting older; I have a failed marriage behind me and a son I never see. I’ve learnt a lot about myself out of that and I want to start again with another partner and have more kids. But, I’m getting older and this is getting harder. Meeting likely people is difficult and I’m not the right emotional makeup to plunge into what passes for the “dating scene”.

I mentioned R U OK day at Bible Study that night. I didn’t mention all the other things about how I’m not okay. But I can ask for God to put people around me to help me become okay.

And I knew I meant potential marriage partners.

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