What is relevance?

That is, how does the outworking of one’s faith in normal life?

It is the perrenial question. Many Christian writers and churches grapple with this, as do many Christians, church-goers or not. Trouble is, working in the church (as most Christian writers and preachers do) tends to isolate one from the real world, though all pastors I’ve spoken to about this are aware of this problem. Doesn’t help those who still think they’re a little too isolated from the problem. Like me.

Religiousness amongst my Twitter friends tends to be one of two versions: either it’s tightly held and generally not discussed, or they are openly non-christian. :-/ Those I follow range from lapsed christians of particular denominations to athiests, both indifferent and aggressive, even to an unashamed pagan. It makes the ODB tweets I see most days stand out rather awkwardly. I used to find them inspiring. Now they’re cloying.

What does this mean for me? I think more than ever the faith my church espouses is just not as relevant to my day-to-day life as it once was.


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