We need a new word.

One that basically means “I am learning as much as I can about what I think I believe in”.

In a way this is the complete opposite of “athiest” or perhaps “skeptic”. I want to understand what I’ve been taught to believe in. I want to go beyond the ‘official Scripture’ and learn about what was going in in the world around the writers and their original audience. I want to know when the ‘official Scripture’ is more story than history and what scholars think about editors of centuries ago. I even want to know about alternate discussions that disagree with said scriptures.

We’re pretty sure that Jesus of Nazareth existed. The literary evidence is far stronger than Julius Caeser existed and that seems to be widely accepted. Archaeological evidence is harder to come by, ¬†unfortunately, which is a shame. We have good knowledge about what happened to the Jewish state after it got defeated by Babylonia. The history is more muddled through the two kingdoms, and the questions get bigger as we go back further in history. It reaches a point where there is almost no evidence that the Jews existed as a distinct peoples before the time of King David.

I’ve noticed Christians don’t like hearing that. Whilst it is tempting to say “well that’s too bad because that’s what the evidence says” it ignores the stories we have in the Jewish sacred texts. But that’s the kind of thing I’m seeking to learn.


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