Down the Rabbit Hole

I went to the Mind Body Spirit exhibition in Sydney today. I’d been planning on going for weeks, basically ever since I heard about it. I’d even put it in my phone so I would remember.

But I nearly didn’t. It was only email communication with the Australian importer of Necomimi and other NeuroSky gadgets that reminded me it was this weekend! So that took care of my Saturday.

I’ve been to an MBS exhibition before. I guess it’s a pot-pourri of weirdness to one raised and sheltered in a mildly evangelical Christian church. It was also quite a number of years ago and thus way before I was seriously ready to expand my horizons and thus it was all a bit scary. I knew that some church organisations liked to have booths there, which was generally considered a way of not ignoring those who were seeking. I wish more did.

But a lot of water has flowed under my bridges since then.

For today’s adventure to the MBS I definitely went a lot more open-minded. After all, there were many people there sincerely believing in the value of what they are exhibiting. And they wouldn’t last ten minutes on the floor if they couldn’t accept lots of people declining interest. And I was very eloquently reminded by my email conversation (they sell brainwave toys, for crying out loud), although it is heavy with people spruiking spirituality of one sort or another, there is also a decent quotient of people interested in helping your body and mind be healthy, too.

I had also decided that I wanted to have a Tarot reading. This was mostly curiosity about how experienced readers use this tool.

And I’m glad it was the last thing I did. It was confronting and yet at the same time somewhat comforting. She was good at putting me at my ease, and good at communicating how to participate in the reading. After all, one of the key things in a Tarot reading is that the person the reading is for must shuffle the deck and pick the cards. (Which makes sense when you understand one of the goals in a Tarot reading is for the sub-conscious to talk.) But it wasn’t just a mere Tarot reading; the deck was largely a tool to help channel her own psychic skills.

It is tempting to wonder how much the reader guessed about me, even if she might not be aware of it. My inner skeptic knows that us humans find patterns where we want to see them. However, there were a few things she got right. And there were a few emotional cues I don’t think she could have picked up on that she did respond to.

In hindsight, I guess the validation of my spiritual search was good to see. There was no judgment forthcoming about my own spiritual beliefs and practices, which I found refreshing, but unsurprising. As I said above, this was not an event where that would have gone down at all well. Makes me wish I’d spent time talking to the Salvation Army people or the Jesus All About Life people (though I’m not sure that offering to pray for randoms passing the booth was really the right thing to be offering).

But back to my reading: The readers own admission that she had been raised a Catholic told me she had been down much of the same journey that I am on. This is a journey of wanting to know more beyond the simple Church teachings, and verification that even if I remain in my Christian faith it is not because I haven’t found something to rebuild my faith on.

As the reading progressed, what caught me most by surprise was how integrated my life really is. Not that I didn’t already know that, of course. I have lost my fear of exploring off my map – and legitimately, too. I know myself a lot better than I did ten years ago because of the counseling I went through during and after my separation. It is one of the defining truths out of my counseling that there is a whole to me that everything is not just connected to but firmly a part of. My church friends see a part of me, my work colleagues see a part of me, my writer friends see a part of me (most of me, in fact) – and whilst there is a lot of overlap, some parts are just not shown to some groups of people.

I am getting worried that it is my church (and my parents, too) that I am most guarded around. These are, sadly, also the people most likely to have an opinion about what they see in me. I think I am approaching a point where I find another church: one that is a lot more progressive and a lot more accepting of other peoples uniquenesses.

There were a few other interesting things out of the reading. One of the more challenging was the integration she put into the Tarot reading of Astrology. I have tried a few times to explore Astrology, but it is exceedingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. I suspect this is a byproduct of it being so firmly embedded in our secular culture. But I also know that there is a lot of empirical evidence for some aspects of Astrological-based behaviour. The reader used some of the finer details that I’m not across, as well her own experience, to read that I’ve just come out of a difficult time (correct) and that in the next few years a bigger change is going to happen.

One slightly odd detail that she read directly from a card was that I am unlikely to have money troubles as I get older. I guess that’s good. Hooking that into the larger reading suggested I was probably going to make my living out of writing. Significantly, she mentioned blogging. Hmm.

Another detail also from a card was that I would find a partner in a few years. And a family would be involved. And that my son would seek me out. Interesting predictions, to be sure. My inner skeptic wonders if this is a product of wish-fulfilment. But it’s worth mentioning as it was all a part of the reading.

Perhaps the one aspect that was the most validating was the reader observing very early on how much more happy with myself I am now. This was signified by the Ace of Cups in a particular spot on the spread. I observed in response at the time that that is definitely true.

So. I’ve headed further down this rabbit hole, as they say. It remains to be seen how accurate the reading was, all the more so because this will take a few years to play out.


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