To stay or to leave.

I’ve been reading some more about Christianity and the history around it. And because I’m not completely happy with what my church teaches about that, I’ve been looking further afield. One of those is Wicca, which is one I’ve been vacillating with for a while.

The problem with Wicca is that it is very Female oriented: most literature talks about The Goddess. This is, I can see, highly attractive for women, but it could be a bit of an issue for men. Like me. To their credit, Wicca does talk about The God much more than I remember it doing so.

But what it needs is a “Wicca for Beginning Men”. :-/

Meanwhile, my church is showing signs of progressiveness. Since the conservativeness of the attendees is why I’m looking outside, this is a good sign.


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4 Responses to To stay or to leave.

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  2. dendschmidt says:

    Wicca only seems “Female oriented.” The references to “The Goddess,” are very much related to the fact that it is a Lunar-based religion (the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, if I remember correctly, correspond to the first crescent moon, the full moon, and the second crescent, respectively). This is also not very different from many of the old Pagan religions, which were nature,based, and more common in matriarchal societies.
    Also, for a more “manly” perspective on Wicca, its practices, and association with spells, I recommend reading anything by Scott Cunningham. He has some great books about not only the religion itself, but also herbal associations and general spells (the spells are much like prayer, except they involve a physical aspect from the prayer, such as a candle or string).

  3. dendschmidt says:

    References to a Goddess are no less intimidating for men, I might add, as Christian, Islamic, and Judaic references to an all-powerful, all-seeing male God might intimidate females,

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