The God and The Goddess

One big problem in trying to harmonise Christianity and Witchcraft is how closely entwined the latter is to Wicca. Almost all the information I can find about Witchcraft is inevitably going to talk about Wiccan practices etc.

Etymologically, the two are really the same, but since as a writer I know how words change and meanings drift, they are widely regarded as separate.

Well, almost, as I have clearly discovered. More complicating is that it is know that Christianity co-opted a lot of previously Wiccan practices and celebrations. And exploring a less biased history of Yahweh shows a lot more in common between the two than most people realise (such as anyone who has heard Bible stories). For a start, The Yahweh Christians worship is often associated with the Uggarit El and in that pantheon he has a wife. Truth be told, though, the archeology is unclear – it seems that Yahweh came of Midian and/or Gibeah and was probably originally a separate god to El. However, over time, the Jews either merged the two, or Yahweh userped El (thank you Wikipedia for that summary, BTW).

And then I discovered just now that Yahweh’s Holy Spirit was often regarded as female by the early Christians!

So now, perhaps, we have a God and a Goddess in Christianity that can be imported into Witchcraft.

In other words, more questions for me to ask myself…

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