Looking across the chasm.

I’ve found a new website community. It’s for church-goers or former church-goers who still want to believe, but are rebelling against “churchianity”. It’s called The Lasting Supper.

One of the things that I really liked about finding this community and its sponsor is that now I have a community resource for both halves of my spiritual journey. All or most of the websites and books I’ve found about leaving Christianity for something Pagan-inspired generally assumes you want to make a big leap away from the church. It seems that it is only recently apparant in Pagan literature that there are people who haven’t completely left Christianity behind but are still out in a wilderness.

I don’t want to do that. I like what I see in how the Pagan world has re-owned things from Christianity (which stole them in the first place). But I have no desire to walk away from my church. I describe this as my theological beliefs and my spiritual beliefs looking across a chasm.

Fortunately, the chasm is getting smaller!



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