(The) God within.

For the first time tonight, I could see myself editing my sermon notes as I took them down to reflect a more Wiccan/Pagan viewpoint. Problem was, that wasn’t the viewpoint my pastor was espousing. He is thoroughly Christian – and the church would not have extended an offer of employment were that not the case. But I am not.

Curiously, I found the message was easily re-heard in a Wiccan mindset.

There was a physical challenge he got two young people to do. They were blindfolded and took their shoes off. Then they were directed across an expanse of floor by two other young people. Avoiding a dozen raw eggs they didn’t know he’d placed there. The point was twofold: it can be hard to walk forward with directions varying from uncertain to none. And we each have our own paths.

I have begun to find my own path. That is taught upfront in all Wiccan literature. It is typical in an evangelical church, though in my experience rare. I would imagine this isn’t taught in more orthodox churches.

The rest of this Christian message was about how Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit to not just be a “spiritual trainer” for our walk with God, but also to be a “life guide”. And the spirit comes to live within us when we accept him. Which means we have God within us. This is very similar to Pagan and Wiccan teaching!

Tonight was two turning points for me. Or perhaps one in two parts. Whatever. The first is that I am beginning to put Wiccan teaching alongside my Christian teaching. And the second is how to syncretise a major piece of Christianity: and that is easy because it’s really the same thing.


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