“Hold fast…”

In Bible Study last week whilst sharing some prayer points, I had a slightly surreal moment. It was a bible quote that was oddly appropriate.

My fellow studiers don’t know what I’m reading and wouldn’t approve if they did. So I don’t tell them. But they know I’m rebuilding some of the foundations of what I believe. Part of that process involves re-examining the provenance of scripture and re-asking why the church believes what it believes. Within the confines of the Bible, experienced scholars might recognise this as implementing Thesssalonians 5:21. “Put all things to the test; keep what is good”.  That’s what was quoted to me.

The thing is, I not only recognised it, but I’d recognised it from somewhere other than in the Bible. It turns out that Fred Clark on his blog Slacktivist uses it as a sub-title. This is peculiarly apt because Fred Clark questions the way the organised church and its self-proclaimed representatives mis-behave. He questions copiously and finds truth where a lot of evangelicals would be uncomfortable.

I’m a little further out than that. But the verse is still apt.

Oh, if they only knew…


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