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Actually reading the Bible.

How many churched people read their Bibles? How many read outside their daily studies? Or weekly study? Or Sunday message? I grew up in a mildly evangelical but otherwise not terribly fundamentalist church in white suburbia. This involved Sunday School … Continue reading

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My life on a map.

The one thing about journeys is that they take you from one place to another. I have found myself often using the imagery of a map to describe this. Turns out I’ve been using this for a long time. What … Continue reading

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Teaching Evangelism to the Tired

One more week, one more bible study/home group/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. I was expecting to start a study on Jeremiah or Ezekiel. No: apparently all bible study groups at my church are to eventually do the four week course called “Just Walk Across … Continue reading

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Friends and Church

It seems to be a persistent problem that when you leave a particular church community, friendships are rarely retained. It is as though the friendships built in a church community are rarely strong enough to not need the church services … Continue reading

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