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The Third Way.

  I think I goofed this morning. I tried to turn up during the last song so that I was there only for morning tea. Not sure what happened, but I was way early – got there just as the … Continue reading

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The Paradox Of Community

I’ve been avoiding sermons at the church I still attend. Mostly this is by attending less, but sometimes it is by being late, or being occupied during the service (for instance, I sometimes cook for the evening service meal). And … Continue reading

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I’ve long been an advocate for being yourself. I’ve always wanted to be shameless about what I like doing and having, but life always made that difficult. It is true that to some extent this was encouraged. My choice of … Continue reading

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I know a bit about stories. I know us human beings think in terms of narrative: this happens, and this happens and then that happens. Cause and effect, a progression of scenes. We ask each other “what happened last night” … Continue reading

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To be human.

There are some artists whose output I love so much that I will always¬†buy their next work. This list is not big. I realized I had such a list when I heard Avril Lavigne‘s first album. Lavigne is well known … Continue reading

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