To be human.

There are some artists whose output I love so much that I will always buy their next work. This list is not big. I realized I had such a list when I heard Avril Lavigne‘s first album.

Lavigne is well known in the popular music industry. She is a visible name, with chart-topping songs and a considerable fanbase. But she also writes most of her own songs, and puts her own emotions into a lot of them. Not all of them, but enough of them. I chanced across Lavigne’s latest single this morning on Rage. It’s called “Here’s To Never Growing Up”. And I loved it instantly.

I am a fan of staying to true yourself. Growing up does not mean discarding what you like. Music you love, books you can get lost in, art you like on your wall. There is so much pressure in our current society to put aside these things when we grow up. But why?

One thing I have learnt in the last few years is to embrace what I am. My likes, my loves, how I like to be, how I talk, what I enjoy doing, reading, watching, sharing. To deny any of that is to diminish self. Avril’s songs celebrate people being exactly what they and who they are, and not denying any of it.

That’s why I love her songs.


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