The Third Way.


I think I goofed this morning. I tried to turn up during the last song so that I was there only for morning tea. Not sure what happened, but I was way early – got there just as the sermon started. :-/ So I think more than a few people are now aware of what I’m up to.

We’re in the middle of a small series about church discipline, which basically means 1 Corinthians 6. I didn’t pay much attention; I chose to not go in and sit down, but waited outside, then put my head into one of the kids’ programs (curious about how they taught kids these days). I heard a few choice phrases, though, one of which I was a little surprised to hear from the senior pastor’s mouth. He was talking about people who turn away from the church and seek guidance from secular sources.

But there aren’t just two choices. The definition of “secular” means “no religion”. I should not really be surprised it was cast as the only other choice to Christianity – most Westerners do, after all. But even the most sheltered of conservative Christians cannot deny the existence of other religions.

It does mean I will be doing my best to avoid the sermon from now on.



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