Accommodating Friends

I am often surprised by how accommodating some of my religious friends are.

Yesterday, I didn’t go to church. Not really. I took my old sports car for a drive through the local national park (country/bush road, basically with no residential), and timed my arrival at church in time for morning tea. I was perhaps five minutes later than I intended to be, but then that’s tricky when the service never runs to the same time each week. It also meant the senior pastor saw me (he was amongst the first out) and tacitly complimented me on my timing.

He isn’t showing annoyance at my avoiding the service. To be honest, none of my closer friends at church are. This is refreshing. I did sketch out the planning of a longer, D&M meeting with one of the elders, which was well received, and I also had a similar discussion with another friend who is the leader of my Bible Study.

I constantly forget her amenability to wherever I’m going in my spiritual journey. She’s now a bit more aware that I am “less Christian than I was a year ago”. And she knows how to not judge or criticise until and unless asked to. This is good.


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