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“Post-Christian” is a thing.

I had a friend in another forum summarise my journey as becoming “post-Christian”. We both thought it was a nice term, rich with meaning for our community. As applies to an individual, it would mean someone who sees their reaction … Continue reading

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Tarot: a friend wants me back at church

I decided I wanted to record my Tarot readings. Tonight’s was in response to the same friend in the last post who has replied. He truly doesn’t understand where I’m going spiritually. I kind of know how to respond, but … Continue reading

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It’s happened.

Got an email today from a friend at church. He has noticed my dwindling presence at church and bible study, particularly after last Thursday night (bible study night) where I was tweeting about the TV show I was watching. His … Continue reading

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Becoming unChristian.

The bald truth at the moment is that I am just not as Christian as I was twelve or even six months ago. Being Christian means accepting a whole raft of beliefs that, to varying extents, shape how you view … Continue reading

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