Tarot: a friend wants me back at church

I decided I wanted to record my Tarot readings. Tonight’s was in response to the same friend in the last post who has replied. He truly doesn’t understand where I’m going spiritually. I kind of know how to respond, but there are several routes.

It was a simple three card spread: Three of Pentacles, Eight of Wands, The Heirophant.

I tend to assume a Linear spread, as I am hugely inexperienced with this. So: I’m not sure that the Three of Pentacles is saying, perhaps I’ll do another draw. The Eight of Wands points to change in the air and that it won’t last very long. That’s true. And the Heirophant. This one is also a bit strange, and it seems unusually Christian. But in some ways he represents a mystical religion from age past. I can understand that.

Expanding on the Three of Pentacles, I get the Knight of Swords, the Two of Cups and the Two of Pentacles. I feel like this is saying that I’ve found a new source of spiritual life and am killing off the misleading teachings I’ve had. Or that there is a hard time from someone else seeking to “right evil”. And the Two of Pentacles is reminding me that I’m still enjoying this journey, even in the face of hardship.

But how does that talk to the Three of Pentacles? Well, I guess I’m re-building part of my life with new instructions!


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2 Responses to Tarot: a friend wants me back at church

  1. Idsy says:

    I noticed your blog and I find some of the feelings shared reign true to my own experiences. Not necessarily how either of our churches went about things, but the “can’t-quite-give-it-a-name” feeling in regards to exploring tarot and moving away from the main tenets of Christianity.

    If you don’t mind me asking, are you using any books or like, finding any literature to familiarize yourself with the compounding meanings of the cards to start out with? Or are you going fresh with what your intuition tells you?

  2. staticsan says:

    When I went looking for a deck, I found one that had Waite’s original guidebook. Whilst this was a start, it was hard to understand. Then I went looking and found “The Tarot: History, Symbolism and Divination” by Robert M. Place and it’s wonderful.

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