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A service with a difference.

Do gods exist? The monotheism of Christianity and Islam has so pervaded our western culture that this question makes no sense to many people. They usually reword the question to “Does God exist?” before answering, even if they don’t realise … Continue reading

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It’s a Full Moon.

Us humans have always had a fascination with the movement of the heavenly bodies. The sun around the earth. The stars in the sky. The moon in the night. Ah the moon… There’s something very feminine, very female about the … Continue reading

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A maturity retrospective.

I had a bit of a revelation yesterday with my counsellor. I’ve been seeing a counsellor for six or seven years, initially for marriage counselling, and then separation counselling and then it morphed into general life counselling. The marriage counselling … Continue reading

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A clean break.

I’ve turned a corner of some sort. I didn’t go to church yesterday at all. Whilst this was far from the first time for me, it was the first time I had no intention of going back. Put another way, … Continue reading

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