A Moment’s Peace.

I don’t normally like getting a phone call from work when I’m almost home in the evening. It doesn’t really help when I can pass the problem to someone else, or definitively put it off until tomorrow. I did, in fact, change jobs many years ago to get away from doing out-of-hours support. I just can’t live with the stress anymore.

However, I also had my altar in pieces after a visit from relatives the other week. And I’d begun to ask myself some spiritual questions again after the Mind Body Spirit festival the other day.

So I found and lit an incense stick, and put the altar back together.

I thought the incense was white sage, but as I lit it I realized it was musk. Kinda funny that scented smoke can calm so much when it is scented smoke of a different kind (bushfire smoke to be precise) that can upset me so much. But what was also calming was laying out the altar cloth and then selecting a few things to go on there.

And then I finished by filling a dusty chalice with water and using it to extinguish the incense stick. Earth, water, air and fire.

It was just a little ritual. But that’s what I needed.


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