Christian churches do not teach meditation. I wish they did.

They do ask their congregations to meditate from time-to-time, though. This might be during a service, or it might be merely a conversation topic. The phrase “meditate on the Word” (meaning the Bible) is a common piece of christian jargon. Unfortunately, they do not teach people how to do this. I have often wondered how many other people in the room where we’re supposed to be meditating have little or no clue as to what to do.

Pagans know how to do meditation, as do many other religious groups. It’s really not hard: the key seems to be to provide some instruction. It’s obvious, really.

I’ve been to two full moon circles now. Both times, we have had guided meditation where we meet and interact with spiritual guides of some sort. It is a little bit like hynposis, to be honest, which should not be surprising since both practices are designed to alter one’s conscious state.

I was aware during the first guided meditation that I was not seeing or experiencing everything the guide was describing. But then I was surprised that pretty much straight afterwards, we were each given a chance to talk about it. Some people went off in a completely different direction. Others had particular details that came through that were both different to my experience and were not mentioned by the guide. These were all accepted by those present as equally valid. That’s when I realized quite what the “guided” part of the term meant.

But churches don’t do guided meditation. It is one more thing that they say that Christians should be able to do, but they won’t learn from people who actually know how to do it. That is wilful ignorance.

So Christian churches don’t actually teach meditation.  I wish they did.



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