Watching a Younger Self

It is probably quite obvious to say it, but I don’t believe the same things now that I did twenty years ago. Many of those have changed in the last twenty-four months, but some have changed slowly over time. One of the more obvious is belief in literal six-day creation.

I’ve recently come across a young man I knew a few years ago just as he was entering high school. For reasons that are unimportant here, he and his family moved to a different church. I had lost contact with him, but one mutual friend did not. Turns out that young man has completed a Bible College course and has now started a blog about well, Christian concepts. (No link for reasons that will become clear.)

The term “earnest young man” was almost made for this guy. He says he’s studying science at University but I think he should be doing Philosophy. His blog is unashamaedly Christian Apologetics and is strong with the scent of one who places the modern bible on a pedestal above all other works. He is also somewhat inexperienced at writing. I imagine he will take a few years to see this. The current posts are littered with the sort of clumsy, self-important opinions that are often seen written by someone who is good at stringing words together but not yet so good at navigating through ideas. I recognise this because I used to do it. šŸ™‚

His first post was about Creation. It is a description of the three major points of view: the Young Earth theory (creation happened in six literal days and the earth is only a few thousand years old), the Day-Age theory (the Hebrew word translated “day” can also mean an unknown age) and the Literary Framework theory (it’s a story that tells us who created, not how). Nothing earth-shattering, to be honest. For all I know he could have posted it as a random starting point in a blog to collect his thoughts and beliefs.

Which sounds familiar, as that is what this blog is doing for me. I wish him well. And hope that his writing gets better sooner rather than later!


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