One step further

I have lost track of when I last went to the church I used to call “home”. I think it has been two or three months. It doesn’t help I have had no working car for much of that time as it is not convenient to public transport (though where I live is). That is one reason I was trying out a few other churches that are. One is in walking distance; another is two train stations away.

But it is the full moon circle I last went to ten days ago that I cadged a ride for. And it is the full moon circle that I feel I am amongst spiritual friends.

Last weekend I was tempted to figure out a way to get to church. The one within walking distance because I’d kind of promised someone (or maybe myself) that I’d visit again “some day”. My sister’s church for much the same reason, plus I want to see her. My old church because there are people I miss. And it could be an enjoyable walk on a Sunday morning.

None of these happened.

Saturday night turned into dinner in an Indian takeaway in the near-by beach-side suburb and star-gazing on the beach. Sunday morning included a walk to large hardware store some potting mix, then a trip to the local major shopping centre for lunch and grocery shopping. I also picked up a newly released movie on DVD. That evening I treated myself to that movie.

There was no guilt about not attending church. It was one step further away from a fenced-in religion that no longer works for me.


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