I have a tree to find

Going out to meet a god or goddess in whichever Pagan pantheon you subscribe to can be an interesting experience. I’ve done it several times now with the guided meditation of my full moon circle. Usually our guide will have a specific god or two for us to meet, although participants have reported another barging in. The one I did only a few hours ago was different: the guide set the scene and let whichever one wanted to talk to us appear.

The one that came to me did not want me to share who he was. This is kind of a shame, because I’m excited by what other things he said, but at the same time I kind of understand why not. However, he is someone I’ve come to know better in the last few years. And he assured me that I am doing the right thing: he loves me very much and wants the best for me. In time he will introduce me to other pagan gods and goddesses, but for now he is mine.

And he wants me to find a tree.

Not a specific tree, but an essence of a tree. This may have something to do with the fact that tonight’s rituals had a big nod to Yule, which in the southern hemisphere is eight days away. Yule is one of those really important days in the Pagan/Wiccan calendar. It is the point of the year in Celtic traditions when the Holly King fights the Oak King and loses. In other words, it is the turning point away from Winter and towards Summer. They do a similar battle and exchange of rôles six months away at Litha. With the actual Yule being not yet, I have a week and a day to do something special and Yule-ish for my altar. And week and a day is a nice Wiccan-type time period.

My god didn’t say I would find what he set for me within that time. But that’s okay. I am on a spiritual journey that I will be on for quite some time to come. It has taken me down some paths I never thought it would have. It has challenged some beliefs and practices about myself. It has opened my eyes to ways of seeing the world that in a peculiar way both make more sense and also don’t really have to. One of those is being aware of the phases of the moon, something I have strangely known for years I have wanted to do and yet only recently have I discovered why.

And another is that I have to find a tree.



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