A Red Pill moment.

I gave someone a Red Pill moment tonight. This is the point in a conversation after they’ve asked a serious question and I have to ask in return “how much do you really want to know?” Because it is a point of no return.

The term “red pill moment” comes from the movie The Matrix. Or rather, it refers to an iconic scene. At one point, the protagonist is offered a choice. He can take a red pill and learn what the matrix is, or he can take a blue pill and remain in ignorance. The kick is that this is the only way he can learn this – and there is no going back.

My acquaintance was someone I sat next to at church tonight. It is a church I visit sometimes because that’s where my sister goes. I’ve met him before. And after the service we started talking about things spiritual. I described some of my journey and some of the other spiritual explorations I’ve been on. It was a Red Pill experience.

I think I made him uncomfortable. I didn’t tell him everything – partly because a lot of it wasn’t really mine to share. Certainly not in an Anglican church!

But my journey has been into mystical elements, some Christian, some Pagan. It includes beliefs and practices that the mainstream evangelical churches disdain and are even outright hostile towards. I’m okay with that. And I’m sure that Yahweh is, too. He’s the one who told me it was okay to go looking, after all.


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