The Seeking Of Solace

What do you do when you’re shifting religion and you need a spiritual hug and safe place to fall apart briefly?

Good question.

In time past, one of my coping mechanisms in times of stress was disconnecting from the world and praying to God for peace and calm. Unlike other people who thrive in stressful situations, I don’t: I shatter. Holding it together is only ever a temporary measure until things settle down. Try to hold it together too long and I get stress-sickness. Of course, the real solution is to actually remove the stress. 

In the meantime, finding a quiet place for a pray and a cry does wonders. I’d like to be able to do the Wiccan same – especially as spells are actually really the same thing as a prayer. The other kicker is that I don’t have anything remotely Wiccan here at work. The nearest I can do is a local park.

Maybe this is some good incentive to start carrying one or two Wiccan things with me more often. A lot more often.


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