We finally did our first group meditation with the Kabbalah tonight. Quite different from the previous events, and yet not all that much. We still opened the circle and we still called in the quarters, but the meditation was something else.

It was a lot mysterious, but then, that’s both kind of the point and also a side-effect of so much to learn and explore so just where do you start. Our learned friend started with the sphere of Kether, which is the top-most emanation of the Tree of Life and central to a fairly straightforward meditation called The Middle Pillar.

Not surprisingly, in the guided meditation we met a god. In this case it was the creator-god, a kind of over-god over, above and outside the cosmos, and yet still a part of it and of each and every one of us. Sound familiar? Well, a lot of religions have used this idea down through the millenia.

My own experience of this over-god was one of enormous immensity. It was all I could do to see the size of the palm of his hand.

And yet there wasn’t a sense of shock or awe at this. If anything, it was a statement of being: a Just Is moment, if you will.

And that was kind of comforting.

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