You never really know what a meditation is going to show you, especially when it’s pretty open. We were guided into an Egyptian temple, and then left to explore on our own. Would we see things to read? Would we meet gods? If so, who? And what would they say to use?

I found a picture on the floor: one of a green forest. I’m not sure if it was English or Australian, but it was thick and dense. And when I stepped towards it, I discovered it was actually a pool of (black) water that was reflecting the ceiling.

As well as the green forest, I was reminded of the dragon that pounced on me during the dragon attunement the other week. Whilst he or she isn’t green, where it landed was on the green chakra.

I was also given the image of a green gem stone as a pendant. I feel like this is to replace my world tree pendant, which has lost a lot of its plating. And that was when I was reminded I have a new tree to find.

I don’t understand my journey. I rarely meet any gods or goddesses in the circle meditation. Or rather, I haven’t recently. Yahweh, or some version of him, sent me out into this weird world of spirituality without him. Whilst it was a nice surprise to encounter him a few times out here, I get the feeling that I’m not going to meet him again for some time. But instead there’s someone else to meet. I just have to find them. And the colour green is part of that journey.

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