Easter, once removed

When you’re a Christian (or church-goer), the Easter weekend is the pinnacle of the Christian church calendar. The events depicted in the story of this particular weekend is the reason for the whole of Christianity. More or less.

When you’re not a Christian, it is just a long weekend. And a full moon, if you’re that way inclined.

If you are no longer Christian, the Easter weekend is a time of mixed emotions. I do still remember what worshipping could be like as a Christian on these days. I always found it difficult to recreate the impact and emotion each year, largely because it is every year. And it kind of ruins the sense of theatre on Good Friday when you know that everyone knows how the third act (Easter Sunday) plays out.


This is also the second year that Easter has snuck up on me. When you’re a regular church attender, the date of the next Easter is readily known for months in advance. But the church calendar is, with just one exception, not linked to the moon cycle at all. That one exception is Easter, because the date for it is based on how the Jewish Passover is calculated and that’s also based on the moon cycles. However paying attention to the moon once a year does not infer awareness. Mapping out a year’s worth of Full Moons, and attending circles once a month for several years is what conveys awareness.

The other thing about being ex-Christian at Easter and being active on social media is the number of memes and articles about Easter that come up. Skip over them and move on, you say? Even just skipping over them can be enough for them to annoy me.




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