Synchronous Ideation

Ever get the idea that the universe is trying to get your attention? Reminds of a recent ad on TV where the guy is driving a car through or around obstacles whilst those manning the barricades or chasing after him are trying to get his attention. He’s obviously dreaming. But what if this happens in real life?

People sometimes talk about “synchronicity”. This is where totally unrelated events occur within a short time of each other but appear to have the same meaning. The actual term was coined by Carl Jung. Christians usually say that “God is sending me a message”. Pagans will say a variety of different phrases, but the core meaning is almost the same. And whether it is truly is an external influence or not, somehow we are seeing the same pattern and same meaning. Something is trying to get our attention: even if it’s just our subconscious.

And I have just had such an event:

  1. I’ve been working through a book called “I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What Is Was“. This is a book about finding what your passion is – what you truly want to do in life. And then how to go about actually doing. I’m currently still fairly early in the book, trying to learn how to find out my internal blocks.
  2. I’ve been working my way through a course in Druidry. Again, I’m still fairly early in this, but the next lesson I opened is called “Asking Questions Of Your Life”. And before I started reading it, a phrase some paragraphs down jumped out at me: “What is it stopping you from fulfilling your desires?
  3. And perhaps both the smallest and largest of all. Faffing about on Youtube this evening, one of the recommended songs was a K-pop song I love, “Dream Candy” by April (although it’s called just “Dreaming” in Korean). But this time, it was from the other official channel: the one that includes English subtitles. I’d read the translation before, but too many months ago. Unlike most pop songs, Dream Candy isn’t about finding love. No, it’s an encouragement to follow your dreams.

What do I truly dream? There are lots of little things I enjoy in life and they are valuable precisely because I am honest with myself. After all, one of my life mantras is “Embrace what makes you happy”.

Now I’m finding that things are circling for me to not just accept the little things that make me happy, but to dig deep down inside, behind the unconscious roadblocks, to find the big things that make me happy. The big yearnings that make my soul and heart sing.


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