One thing I came to terms with about this blog fairly early on is that the posts would not need heavy editing. They start where they start and they end where the end. About the only real concession to proper blogging is that there would still be a narrative thread even if it’s “well this thought led to that thought and that led to this other thought”.

I’ve been reading some of my old posts on this blog. This came about because I was looking for which year a certain thing happened and I knew I blogged about it. Just now I was reading the most recent posts again.¬†And was struck about a post from a number of months ago where I was reminded to go look to my dreams. That eerily mirrors something I experienced at work the other day.

And it was about writing. Hence this post.

The other thing is that I finished my second kilt this morning. Modified from a pleated skirt pattern in three ways: the front is overlapping aprons, it is quite a lot shorter than the original pattern (kilts don’t go down to your ankles, after all) and I figured out how to add pockets!

Typically, I have to remake the fastenings, as I didn’t make them tight enough. Ah well. I made that mistake on the first one, too.

But it’s good to make things yourself. And then I got a big thumbs-up from a guy in a ute driving past when I went out to the local cafe for a coffee. Subtle, but still, it’s quite a noticeable boost to the confidence about my kilt!


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