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Do you believe?

Not sure how to start this one. I mean, I’ve been saying for a couple of years that so-called “magic spells” as practised by modern pagans are really the same sort of action as a Christian prayer. But the cognitive … Continue reading

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What defines me

I’m known for a range of things, depending on who you ask. To some, I’m the guy who likes wearing fluffy ears (and a tail if I can get away with it). To others, I’m a big K-pop fan, particularly … Continue reading

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Forward only

I went to a church service today; first time in rather a while. But it was the baptism of my sister’s twins, and I was asked to attend. Not going to deny my sister that! But there were so many … Continue reading

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Material Devotion

Every religious behaviour comes with a cost to it, sooner or later. And by that I mean spending your own money towards it. Those raised in a Christian church will be familiar with the weekly offerings. Well, I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Where there’s a Wiccan

I had the beginnings of an interesting discussion with a friend the other day. It was about Wicca and what Wiccans believe in.  Not surprisingly, that set me thinking about what I believe in. This is not the first time … Continue reading

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Faith versus action

I came across an article the other day on the web about how evangelical churches behave a particular way. Or rather, why their attendees behave that way. I’ve been taught evangelical Christianity practically all my life, so you would think I … Continue reading

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A new chapter

So… today my sister discovered I’ve been attending a pagan full moon circle. This is, well, pretty non-Christian. Regular readers of this blog will already know this, but this was news to my sister. And her first reaction was to … Continue reading

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