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Sacred words

Something that I noticed would come up from time-to-time in the Church groups I used to a part of was the number of Bibles we often had. Middle-class church-going Westerners frequently have several. Some people buy a new Bible once … Continue reading

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Soul Revival

What would you expect from a church that calls itself “Soul Revival” and meets in a rented industrial unit? And would it change when you discover it’s really an Anglican church? I went to just such a church tonight. I … Continue reading

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Grasping the Bible as a library

Quick post as I just want to dump some thoughts. I’m partway through reading A New Kind Of Christianity┬áby Brian McLaren. There are so many books out there for Christians (or just church-goers) looking for certainty in a world that … Continue reading

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Watching a Younger Self

It is probably quite obvious to say it, but I don’t believe the same things now that I did twenty years ago. Many of those have changed in the last twenty-four months, but some have changed slowly over time. One … Continue reading

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I am not a Fundamentalist

Most people in western culture will be aware to some degree of a certain brand of church from the USA. I mean, of course, the people often, somewhat perjoratively, called “fundies”. Which is short for Fundamentalist. Now, fundamentalism in and … Continue reading

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The Gospel excluding Paul.

There is little doubt that Saul of Tarsus, later Paul the Apostle, was a defining force in the spread of Christianity. And the spread away from a cult on the side of Judaism, to being a significant movement amongst the … Continue reading

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Thoughts about “The Bible Unearthed”

I want to like Ezra more than I do. The Jewish priest from Exiles in Babylon was instrumental in bringing Judaism as we know it back to Jerusalem and the land of Judah. The man was clearly a man of … Continue reading

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