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Forward only

I went to a church service today; first time in rather a while. But it was the baptism of my sister’s twins, and I was asked to attend. Not going to deny my sister that! But there were so many … Continue reading

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Easter, once removed

When you’re a Christian (or church-goer), the Easter weekend is the pinnacle of the Christian church calendar. The events depicted in the story of this particular weekend is the reason for the whole of Christianity. More or less. When you’re not a … Continue reading

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The Learning Of Knowledge

I wonder how much organised religion relies on not teaching things. Us humans are awesome learners. We kind of have to be. Amongst all of the creatures placed upon this planet, we are born with the least amount of survival … Continue reading

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A new chapter

So… today my sister discovered I’ve been attending a pagan full moon circle. This is, well, pretty non-Christian. Regular readers of this blog will already know this, but this was news to my sister. And her first reaction was to … Continue reading

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A Re-evaluation Of Christmas

Christmas has always been a time of the year with complex layers of meaning and purpose. There are traditions and practices that differ across religious groups and even across geographical groups as people in northern Europe celebrate it differently to … Continue reading

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Shifting Ground

What’s the one unavoidable fact you’re going to come up against sooner or later when attending an event at a church run by the church? Yep: you will be evangelised to. Once upon a time that would not have bothered … Continue reading

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The Seeking Of Solace

What do you do when you’re shifting religion and you need a spiritual hug and safe place to fall apart briefly? Good question. In time past, one of my coping mechanisms in times of stress was disconnecting from the world … Continue reading

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