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Do you believe?

Not sure how to start this one. I mean, I’ve been saying for a couple of years that so-called “magic spells” as practised by modern pagans are really the same sort of action as a Christian prayer. But the cognitive … Continue reading

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I walked my first labyrinth yesterday. Or, at least, the first since I became pagan. Cannot remember if I ever walked one when I was younger, but I rather doubt it. It’s not something my Christian upbringing would’ve understood. What … Continue reading

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I’m bad at journalling. This is the modern term for what used to be called “keeping a diary”. No, not the sort that records future appointments, the sort that records how you were thinking about the day. This blog started … Continue reading

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We finally did our first group meditation with the Kabbalah tonight. Quite different from the previous events, and yet not all that much. We still opened the circle and we still called in the quarters, but the meditation was something … Continue reading

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The Art of being Pagan

Imagine you’re on your way to your regular Sunday morning church service. You rock up, maybe with a family, maybe not, and head inside. You have your art bag and there are still a few places left at the tables. … Continue reading

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I think I have found my tree.

This sounds like such a silly statement. But where things spiritual come in to play, it can be hard to find things that are off limits. I’m kinda sure that the tree I found is what I was supposed to … Continue reading

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I have a tree to find

Going out to meet a god or goddess in whichever Pagan pantheon you subscribe to can be an interesting experience. I’ve done it several times now with the guided meditation of my full moon circle. Usually our guide will have … Continue reading

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