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I’m bad at journalling. This is the modern term for what used to be called “keeping a diary”. No, not the sort that records future appointments, the sort that records how you were thinking about the day. This blog started … Continue reading

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Synchronous Ideation

Ever get the idea that the universe is trying to get your attention? Reminds of a recent ad on TV where the guy is driving a car through or around obstacles whilst those manning the barricades or chasing after him … Continue reading

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To be human.

There are some artists whose output I love so much that I will always¬†buy their next work. This list is not big. I realized I had such a list when I heard Avril Lavigne‘s first album. Lavigne is well known … Continue reading

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Be Your Fucking Yourself

Do I know what I want in life? Why do I do the things I do? I don’t think many of my classmates from high school would really recognise me. There would be responses of “you’ve done that?” or “you … Continue reading

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